SysTools Folder Lock

SysTools Folder Lock 1.0

Prevent access to certain folders by locking them with this utility

SysTools Folder Lock helps you restrict access to certain folders. The method it uses is very simple and guarantees minimum security. If the files you wish to hide are very important, using this piece of software is not recommended.

This utility doesn’t encrypt contents. All it does - it changes the folder in such a way that it can’t be accessed by using Windows Explorer. Although this isn’t a pretentious program, it still doesn’t justify the fact that you can easily get access to the content in the locked folders even if you’re not a skilled hacker. For example, one method to bypass security is to open up a command prompt (cmd.exe) and then use the change directory command (cd) to navigate to the folder. After you get there, you can copy all the files to another folder that is unlocked, thus, getting access to all the content.

Optionally, a password can be used to lock a folder but that doesn’t make getting access to the folder any harder.

In conclusion, this program can be useful for small tasks such as making sure your children don’t get access to a certain file or folder. If they’re just a little tech savvy though, a better idea would be to change the permissions to the files (on a NTFS partition) and the reason for this is that simply put, Windows alone does a better job at locking a folder and denying access to specific content.

Alexandru Andrei
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  • It's too easy to get access to locked folders
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